We need a home for our 2013 event!


I am hoping someone might have some ideas for a fabulous venue to host this year’s Oxfordshire bake-off. To tell you a little more about the event, it is a charity event and is predominantly a baking competition, but last year it also included live demos, stalls, and general cake fest. It will be fundraising for 2 brilliant charities.

In 2012, we held the event in Oxford Town Hall, but the Town Hall doesn’t look like a viable option for us this year (sadly). So that’s why we need a new exciting home!

We have a provisional date for our 2013 event of Sunday 6 October. The venue needs to have capacity for up to 500 people, plus space to have lots of cake and bread. Ideally it would have easily accessible parking and a kitchen. In an ideal, ideal world, it would also be very pretty…

It doesn’t have to be in central in Oxford. We will consider any venue that is easily accessible in Oxfordshire.

Any bright ideas? If so please email me on oxfordbakeoff@gmail.com

Thank you so much for reading! Here’s to a great 2013 event!

Big baking love,



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