Free Cakes for Kids

Hello lovely readers,

As the event grows ever nearer I am on a mission to do more posts to let you about what we have planned for you on the big day! Fast approaching – less than 2 months away… phoar, panic much?!

It’s been a brilliant week and among a few things which have started to fall into place, we’ve now confirmed some workshops…
*Candida from Oxford Cupcakes coming along to help us perfect the cupcake swirl
*Suzy from Oxford Cake Pops will be helping us learn the fiddly art of cake popping, including push-up pops
*Claire from Creative Cake Craft will be on hand all day to show you how to make sugarcraft roses and answer any other sugarcraft questions you might have.

One of the other things I’m really excited about is a local group we’ve got coming along on the day to run cake decorating sessions for children (and big kids too!). That group is Oxford’s ‘Free Cakes for Kids‘ and while there is now a wide network of over 40 groups across the UK, it actually all began here in Oxford.

It was set up by a lady called Henriette Lundgren who came across an article in People Magazine on a flight from Dallas to London which reported on a community project in the United States which helped provide cakes to families who find it difficult to provide a birthday cake for their child. A passionate baker herself, Henriette saw an opportunity to adapt the model and started the first Free Cakes for Kids group in Oxford in December 2008.

After dozens of phone calls, meetings and conversations with neighbours, friends, local charities, social services and food safety experts, the first announcements were put up in children centres, community halls and the local foodbank. Soon, the first ever Free Cakes for Kids birthday cake changed hands in Oxford — a football-themed cake for 6-year-old boy from Holloway.

Since then, Free Cakes for Kids has turned into fully-fledged community group. In Oxford alone there are 25 volunteers, who support 2-3 families per week with beautiful birthday cakes in the child’s favourite theme or style.

I joined my local group in West Oxfordshire last year and have had so much joy out of making cakes for local families. Homemade birthday cakes are so meaningful and I know the birthday cakes my mum made or me as a child with always stay with me. I feel so happy everytime I pass that cake on – it is such a special thing to do!

You can find about more about joining a local group here – or come chat with the Free Cakes for Kids team at the Bake Off. They’ll be up to their elbows in sprinkles and icing, but that’s how they like it.. and would love to talk to you about joining up!

All the best things happen in Oxford eh? (See our charities for example!)

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