Why you should enter

Evening all,

Hope you’re all having a wonderful week and the dreary grey weather isn’t getting you down. Only  23 days, 14 hours, 53 minutes and 17 seconds to go till this year’s Bake Off. Not that I’m counting, heh!

It’s been a lovely week, I had my best day for applications on Sunday (hurrah!), confirmed that we’ll have Magdalen Swing Band coming along to get us grooving and got to start promoting the the badges we will be giving out to Rainbows, Brownies and Guides who take part thanks to the kind team behind Oxfordshire Girl Guiding.

I am still getting people saying they just aren’t good enough to enter and I would absolutely contend that you all are. This is a competition for everyone – for ANYONE willing to have a go at trying to knock up something and who wants to help us raise some money for our amazingly brilliant charities.


Image: Found via pinterest.

One of the charities we’re supporting is Oxfam. I have had the great privilege of working at Oxfam for the past 3 years. I started organising the Bake Off in my spare time, but it is certainly because of how much Oxfam inspires me that I wanted to start something that could raise money for Oxfam and other incredible charities linked to Oxford. Charities that change lives every day with very little money.

Earlier this year I visited Malawi on a trip with Oxfam and I met a lady called Rachel who I think really shows how very little money can transform lives.

Rachel is a mum of three children and her husband is very sick, so he can’t even walk a few steps. Rachel and her husband rely on a small plot of land for all their food and earn money for what they can sell at local markets. But since Rachel’s husband became so sick, she’s had to farm by herself. When the rains didn’t come last year she didn’t harvest anything at all and was forced to take her three children out of school, as she was no longer able to pay the school fees and had to spend all their savings on food for the family. She told me how devastated she was to do this to her children – to take away what little hope she had for a better future.

Luckily, Oxfam was working in the area supporting poor families and Rachel was identified as someone desperately in need of some support. Rachel was identified as part of a chicken ‘pass on’ scheme in the area. Rachel received 10 chickens, which she could breed and sell their eggs. She can run her chicken business from home and no longer solely on her land to feed her family. It has also meant (and she told me how this was simply the best thing about this project!) that she can now afford to send her children back to school. It cost £10 to give Rachel the chickens and training to look after them – £10!

I think about Rachel all the time because I think for every entry I get we’re nearly able to help another Rachel. Or help more children with life-shortening conditions and their families at Helen & Douglas house get the support they need and make the most of the time they have together.

‘Bake a difference’ is very much a corny line but it is rather a bit true, so I hope you will enter and together we’ll be able to make a bloomin hefty difference. And we can congratulate our efforts with a cake-eating feast.



P.S. If competition isn’t your thing we’d also love cake donations for our bake sale, so if you are able to bring along a cake but don’t want to enter, just fill out this form.

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