The Categories

Here’s our categories for our 2013 Bake Off, taking place on Saturday 5th October. You can apply here.

You will bake in advance, in the comfort of your lovely kitchen, and bring your entries along with you.

1) Beautiful Big Cake – A whole cake which fits with the theme “The Movies”. Any sponge – fruity, chocolatey, traditional sponges, coloured, flavoured – whatever you like. It can be suitable for gluten-free. Icing the cake is optional!

The theme of this was category was chosen by fellow Oxfordshire Bake Off’er Jo Evans to commemorate the 100th birthday of Phoenix Picturehouse, Oxford’s oldest cinema, originally called the North Oxford Kinema when it launched in 1913.

2) Cupcakes Connoisseur – 12 beautifully decorated and flavoured cupcakes with a literary theme. From The Gruffalo to Mr Darcy, from The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe to The Great Gatsby – anything goes as look as it’s related to books. They can be suitable for gluten-free. Each cupcake must be consistent and must only be made from one recipe.

3) Tasty Traybake – Any traybake goes in this category – cake, brownie, flapjacks, millionaire shortbread.. anything! It doesn’t matter as long as it is tasty. Please present your traybake cut up into squares or rectangles.

4) Victorious Victoria Sandwich – In this entry we are looking for a traditional victoria sponge sandwich cake. It must consist of two layers of sponge and have a middle filling of jam. Adding fresh cream, buttercream or fruit is optional.

5) Luscious Loaf Cake – A cake which has been baked in a loaf pan. It can be suitable for gluten-free. Icing the cake and extra decoration is optional!

6) Afternoon Tea for the Queen – A tiered cake stand suitably filled and presented for afternoon tea with 2 different bakes. Those bakes can be scones, cakes, pastries, meringues – anything – as long as you present little beauties that are delicate and dainty enough for the queen to eat. (We can lend you cake stands!)

7) Perfect Pastry – A large savoury or sweet tart or pie. Just no soggy bottoms!

8) Brilliant Bread – Any yeasted loaf, sourdough loaf or flat bread. Please use a maximum of 500g of flour when baking your recipe. You can flavour your bread with extra things, entirely up to you!

9) Biscuits – An even batch of 12 biscuits or cookies.

10) Junior (16 and under) –
Our junior bakers can enter either:
– 12 cupcakes with design and flavouring of your choice!
– A tasty traybake, cut into squares or rectangles
– 12 biscuits or cookies
The entries will be judged in two age groups: juniors aged 7 years – 11 years, and juniors aged 12 years to 16 years.

Categories are only open to home bakers.

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